Saturday, February 13, 2016

The esteemed legislators who approved and funded dishonest Cifaldi hit piece on Farha



Anonymous said...

Are we going to see more???

Anonymous said...

Are we going to see more? I hope so, and I hope sooner rather than later.

Mike Nobis said...

They say it's dishonest but I never heard anyone dispute it with an actual rebuttal. So did Gary really not pay his taxes on time or what? The voter is left out here wondering. I doubt Frese and Tracy would fund something like that if there wasn't some truth about it. Or are you saying Tracy and Frese are liars. I would like to know.

Dave Victor said...

This is his response on his FB page

Friends and Supporters,
I recently became aware of a negative attack ad created and paid for by my opponent that attacks me as a person. I will address the individual statements in this negative attack ad, but first let me say this. The citizens of Adams County deserve better.
I had hoped that we could avoid the politics of personal attacks in this campaign. I thought this campaign was going to be about the issues and which candidate was best able to serve the citizens of Adams County.
My opponent claimed that she wanted to run on the issues and her record. Apparently this is no longer the case. This is because her record as a prosecutor shows that she is completely unqualified to hold this position.
Resorting to this type of "dirty politics" is not worthy of the office of State's Attorney.
Eleven years ago, and like many other people, I made the difficult choice to declare bankruptcy. This was in response to owing and paying back taxes from 20 years ago. I followed all the required procedures and laws and the suggestion that I stiffed local businesses of $100,000 is simply not true. To suggest that I owe any back taxes is likewise untrue.
I did not "interfere in a police investigation". Duane Long, an officer with the Quincy Police Department was there that morning and he says, " At no time did Gary attempt to intervene in our investigation or processing of his family member, or ask for any preferential treatment. This incident in no way changed my opinion of Gary as an aggressive prosecutor who would do anything to assist or support the Quincy Police Department. I will be supporting Gary in his bid to be Adams County’s next State’s Attorney."
Finally, at no point has State's Attorney Jon Barnard taken away responsibility from me because of "lenient plea deals". This is, to state it plainly, a lie. I demand an apology to the citizens of Adams County for her blatant disregard for the truth in her attempt to mislead you.
My opponent has decided to be a politician instead of a public servant. She has shown that she will say and do anything to get a job for which she is blatantly unqualified. She lacks the experience, the knowledge and the ability to serve as State's Attorney. Her attack on my character shows that she herself lacks the moral fiber necessary to be the next Adams County State's Attorney. Many of you have known me for all of my life and know the type of person I am. I am still that person and will always be, as I serve you as the next Adams County State’s Attorney.